"The state is golden nothing compares to it.

It is mine and it is yours -
there was no land bevor."
Welcome to
the state of hope
Founding of this new state was by Christian I. Peintner August,, 6, 2004

Neighboring states:
Austria, Switzerland, Germany

Situated: Europe, Lac Konstanz

Earlier national territory:

Inhabitants: nobody

artists which are inevitably on foreign territory
A certain area of the Lac Konstanz / Europe has become a new and independent nation, a state of art. The new land is named "niemandsland" (NO MAN'S LAND). The world treasure is extended by the first state of art, it is also enriched by the idea of what art is able to do.

The area concerned is to be found in the centre of the Lac Konstanz and possesses no land, but only water.

This should not be cause for discriminations.

Natural no martial intentions are to be feared. "nie,mandsland"does not have an army, no atomic power plants, no weapons of mass destruction. This new state has also no inhabitants. Regardless of this situation it naturally is respecting the human rights on outstanding priority.

As a good will - at first the adjacent countries should likewise proclaim these goals. If this is in practice not yet, naturally a higher development of our neighboring countries status would be welcome very much in such a way.

A declaration of intention, particularly of the adjacent states but also from every state on the world is precondition for a good relationship to the art. This of course will be expected and "niemandsland" would like to record and affirm herewith its artistic and virtual philosophy.

A marking (buoy o.ae.) in the centre of the Lac Konstanz one aims at. Written on this lake-mark should be: " the spirit, the human fantasy is without any border." Further implementations into the lake, however expressly not lies in the intention of "niemandsland".
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