Christian I. Peintner
L'artista austriaco ha creato per l'hotel diverse opere della pietra locale. Questi e altri reperti vendibili può essere visto in originale

Der österreichische Kunstschaffende hat für das Hotel diverse Werke aus dem lokalem Stein geschaffen, die besichtigt werden können. Weitere Original-Exponate sind ausgestellt und verkäuflich.
Art Exhibition
Ortea Palace temporary exhibition
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The Austrian artist has realised several works for the hotel, out of the local stones. Guests can freely visit them. Additional exponents for sale are listed herein.

The new "Quadriga" 220 x 108 cm dominates and completes the room arrangement.

The flying Quadriga above the Temple of Apollo and the goddess of victory.
Apollo looks like a warrior - the son of Zeus loved hunting. He brought the daylight and during the night some distractions to the human.

Still unknown is the Dionysos cult were dancing, singing and wine were part of a mysterium.

The colons reliefs show "Bacchae". From the fifth century BC Dionysus was known among the Greeks as Bacchus, and Bacchae were called his followers who invoked this mysteries cult.

It was in this form that the cult of Dionysus spread among the Romans, where her mysteries were called, in the second century BC, Bacchanalia, and became rampant, not just because it was full of noise - a thunderous sound - but also because it was orgiastic and Psychedelic..
Trance-inducing techniques (like dance and music) were used in order to return to a natural state.

The fisherwoman, 66 x 141 cm, sits on a cloth, fishing an octopus from the sea. It is a new creation according to more recent templates.

The shell in the base is a decorative element and also executed as a relief, she is also a lucky charm.
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